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The tactics, matters needing attention and maintenance techniques of tactical flashlight

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Tactical flashlight may encounter some problems in the course of its use, and many friends in daily life ask questions.

Some questions about tactical flashlight, such as its usage and some points for attention, and some other maintenance.

Method, today Xiaobian for everyone to sort out these aspects of knowledge, hoping to help everyone.

Tactics for use of flashlight

1. Turn off the tail cover of the battery installation, pay attention to the positive and negative pole of the battery, put the battery in, and twist the tail cover.

2. When the flashlight is turned off, press the middle rubber cap and turn on the flashlight to repeat the above steps.


3, when the light is used, the switch light is light for weak light. The switch needs to be switched on.

Shoot. The function is in turn, weak light, strong light, burst flash. Then press the switch to die.

4. How to recharge

(1) unscrew the tail cap of the flashlight and remove the battery.

(2) Put the battery in the special charging box (Note: when the battery is put into operation, the positive and negative pole of the battery must be positive and negative to the positive battery box.Extreme, otherwise not charged)

Remove the charger and insert two pins into the power interface and insert the insertion end into the battery box socket. Charging charger The upper lights are red, when the indicator turns from red to green, indicating that the charge is completed, then the battery can be removed.Use it.

Precautions for the use of tactical flashlight

1, do not directly light into the eyes of people, strong light will cause permanent damage to the eyes.

2, the lamp holder is strictly prohibited from dismantling, so as not to cause damage to the reflective cup or bulb.

3. When the bulb is not able to maintain high brightness, please replace the battery when lighting, so as to avoid the result of excessive discharge.

Damage to the battery.

Precautions for maintenance of tactical flashlight

Assuming that your tactical flashlight is not properly maintained, you will have a flashlight, a broken fire and a poor switch.

Faults such as running electricity, coating off and so on. The following are notes and specific methods for the use and maintenance of flashlights.

1. Use the soft cloth to dry immediately after using flashlight to prevent infiltration of rain or snow angel or moisture and hand sweat.

Otherwise, the coating of the flashlight is easy to fall off or rust.

2, usually do not put the flashlight on the hot Kang or stove, but also avoid soot fumigation, otherwise the flashlight is easy.

There is a running electricity.

3, in the mobile flashlight switch, the force must be light and uniform, in order to maintain the elasticity of the lifting spring.

4. The bottom cover should be loosened or removed when the light tube is extinguished, so that the bottom cover will break the bottom of the battery and flow out of the slurry.

5. If the silver plating on the bowl is stained, the reflection of the light will be affected. It can be wiped away with clean cotton. It is not usable.


6, when the flashlight is loaded with batteries, it is necessary to put the paper cover together, otherwise it will be easy to run. The new battery is used for a period of time

After that, the position can be changed so that the service life of the battery can be prolonged.

7, the general battery stopped at 20 degrees below zero, so in the cold season should pay attention to heat preservation.

8, when the tactical flashlight is not used, do not expose yourself to the sun.

The above is some tips and maintenance tips for the use of tactical flashlight.

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