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Which is more suitable for outdoor camping, camping lights and outdoor flashlights?

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Outdoor activities are good for our physical and mental health as well as for getting close to nature.

In outdoor activities, good equipment is also essential. The right equipment can not only help us exercise, but also effectively protect our safety. Unlike "more wild" field camps, most people are camping in the outskirts of the suburbs or in the areas that have been developed, which can lead to safety hazards and no use, so people choose to use electric lights at night sources. The most common electric lights are outdoor flashlights and camping lights. The two functions are similar, but there are many differences in other places. What are the specific ones?

First of all is the use
Camping lights are also known as tent lights. As the name suggests, lamps are used for lighting after tents. This kind of lamp is usually designed as a lantern. Because camping lights are generally not strong enough to be used in camps or tents, only moonlight nights can illuminate about 5 meters. The light source used is mostly LED, and there are few camping lights with incandescent lamps or other light sources. Since camping lights are usually only used for short trips or driving trips, camping lights are basically not used for hiking traversing.

Outdoor flashlight
In contrast, the outdoor flashlight has a wide range of uses. The qualified outdoor flashlight itself should be 20 meters in length and be able to adjust the brightness. For outdoor flashlight, light source basically uses LED beads and has certain requirements for flashlight and flood power. Compared with camping lights, outdoor flashlights can also be used for night road lighting, adventure and other activities, more practical.

And the other is the volume weight
The design of camping lights is more concerned with the relationship between Luminescence and energy consumption, so it is generally larger and weightier. The camping lights in general are almost half the size of a 2L coke bottle. The weight varies from 200 grams to 500 grams, and can not be said to be convenient to carry. The outdoor flashlight is much smaller. Even the small monster scale outdoor flashlight takes up the space of an eyeglass box, which is not as large as the camping lamp, and is more convenient for hiking and long donkey use.

The final analysis of the price
Camping lights for light source demand is not big, the use of LED bulbs or ordinary light bulbs are relatively cheap, the shell is mostly used PVC material, so most of the camping lamp can be bought with two, three hundred yuan.
In general, camping lights are more suitable for a short journey or at home in the evening. The entertainment function is higher than the professional outdoor use, and the outdoor flashlight is more suitable for the release of excess energy and the choice of the professional players who challenge the nature.

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