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Application and maintenance of dive flashlight

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Submersible flashlights use attention: for a long time, it must be taken out of the battery to avoid damage to the flashlight, and do not shine on the eyes of others, it will damage the eyes. Non professional personnel, do not disassemble flashlights, to prevent damage to the circuit board.

Maintenance Note for diving flashlight: please use usual normal maintenance for flashlight when used, so that it can continue to provide you with high quality efficiency.

1: after each use, clean the flashlight with clean soft cloth.

2: when the diving torch is infected with sea water and may have corrosive liquid, rinse it in clear water and blow dry with a little bit of air.

3: when the lamp head and the cover do not work well, please use a few Vaseline (lubricant) at the interface.

4: when the flashlight is not used, please remove the battery and store it in a cool place.

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